5 tips to make your Instagram feed look good

How to create an amazing Instagram Account that speaks to your ideal client? And why is it necessary?

Instagram is a visual platform and therefore it is crucial that your feed looks appealing to your ideal client.

It is the same as with everything in life. If you make a good first impression, people are more likely sympathize with you. So if you make a good first impression on Instagram, as a result, people are more likely to like your pictures, follow you and dive into your content.

Did you know that we decide within 1-2 seconds whether we like something or not? So let’s make sure our Instagram account looks appealing to our ideal client in order to get them on board with these 5 tips.

Find your personal style

Finding your personal style is a VERY IMPORTANT step in having a successful social media account. Pick a color scheme and vibe. Decide which colors you want your account to lean towards and then go with that. Use the same colors in quotes and graphics. Also decide the vibe of your Instagram feed. Do you want it to be tropical, colorful, minimalistic,….?


Bio and Story Highlight Covers

Your bio should tell people immediately what it is that you do and how you can help them. It is like the intro to your website. And if the bio is your intro, your story highlights are the different pages of your website. Create a highlight for your service, about you, testimonials, … And also make sure you get some nice covers them, to make your account look even more professional. You can either create them by yourself or get them custom made by a professional.

Choose your editing style

This is similar to picking a color scheme. Using the same filters will add a similar look and style to each of your posts. So choose a few filters for your pictures and stick with them. This way you can make sure to maintain a cohesive feed.

Select your content categories

Besides the way of how your feed looks like, it is also important that you know what you post and talk about. What are you most passionate about? Decide which topic is your zone of genius and then talk about that. Make this your niche! This will make people see you as an expert in that area and they will come back for more. Make sure people see immediately what your account is about and that the pictures and quotes match your mission.

Plan your feed in advance

Scheduling tools allow you to upload all your pictures and plan your feed ahead. You can move the images around and see what your feed will look like in the future. Don’t just focus on the individual posts but also look at the overall picture of your feed. When people first visit your account, they get hooked by the overall look and vibe your account gives them.


Here you go. 5 simple steps to make your Instagram more attractive and professional. Have fun with it and let me know if you have any questions.