Avoid stressing over being consistent with posting on social media with these massive time-saving tips.

You have hundreds of things to do for your business and preparing a social media post is definitely not one of them? I get that. As a business owner you have many tasks to accomplish in one day. But still, you shouldn’t neglect your social media accounts.

Because what might seem like an unimportant point on your To Do list could have big consequences

Social media is powerful and a place where you can reach your ideal client. And it is a free marketing platform. So, use it.

If you neglect it day by day, you will not be able to build a community and the algorithm will never notice you.

But where should you take the time to prepare a post every day, write a caption, pick the right hashtags and publish it at the right time? Here’s the time-saving hack number one:

Content Scheduling

You don’t have to be on it every single day. Nowadays there are amazing platforms that help you plan your content ahead, so you don’t have to constantly think about it. This allows you to remain consistent with your posts and at the same time accomplish all other tasks in your business.

So how do you schedule your content? Let me tell you how I do it.

Pick a scheduling Tool

In order to schedule your content, you first have to pick a scheduling tool. There are plenty of them. My favorite ones are Planoly and Plann. Most scheduling platforms offer a free version which is more than enough to begin with. Just try them all out and see which one you like best.

Collect your pictures

After you have set up your account on the scheduling tool of your choice it is time to add the pictures. Before I import my pictures, I always edit them with Lightroom. Then I add them to the folder where I save all my pictures I haven’t posted yet.

Next, I go to Canva and create the graphics and quotes I want to post that month. After I saved those to my folder as well. Select the pictures you want to post and upload them to your scheduling tool. Now you can move them around to see how they look best on your feed. If there are still empty spots or where I feel like there is still something missing,

I jump back on the internet to look for some stock images to add the final touch to my grid.

Write your captions

Writing captions is the most time-consuming part of creating content. You need to think about what topic you want to address, what your audience is interested in, what tips you want to give and then write a short text about it that captures their attention. To do this every day would be draining on your energy.

This is why we batch create captions. Set aside a few hours to prepare all your copy at once. Keep them all in one document.

Focus on nothing else but writing. If you take the time to do this, it is much easier than putting yourself into writing mode over and over again.

Once you have all your texts, copy and paste them into the desired image in the Scheduling Tool.

Create a hashtag collection

In order for your post to get more reach and be seen by more people, which can bring you new leads, it is important to use the appropriate hashtags.

Thankfully, you don’t have to think about what hashtags to use every time either.

You can create collections for the individual themes which you can then use again and again. For example, your collection could consist of hashtags for food pictures, for quotes, for landscape pictures, portraits, etc.

Collect the best hashtags for each topic. Then you can add these collections to the scheduling tool and with one click add the appropriate hashtags to each post.

Set your schedule

Now the last step is to set a day and time for your post to be published. What time and date should your post be published? When is your audience most active? Do you want to add a location? Do you want to publish it manually or set it on auto-post, so the post goes up automatically? Think about all these questions and then set each post as desired.

Monitoring and taking care of your community

Even if your posts are now planned and consistently published, it is still important to check and analyze your results. How well did the posts perform and what could you improve?

It is also very important that you respond to comments. There is nothing harsher than to neglect responding to your audience and showing them that you appreciate them and are happy about their comments.

And this is how you plan your content and save a lot of time and energy. But keep in mind that just because everything runs automatically now, you still need to be active on your account. Just posting pictures is not enough to improve your account, get more clients, and grow your business. You also have to post Stories, engage with other users and have real conversations in the direct messages.

But the fact that you don’t have to worry about posting any more should take a lot of work off your shoulders.