How to Use instagram Stories for your business

Instagram Stories are the future. They are slowly taking over the traditional feed. This is why I want to encourage you to show up on Stories more often.

I love Instagram Stories because to me it feels like people are more themselves on there and that it gives us the opportunity to get know someone a bit closer. People dare to share much more fun and personal content on there because the Story will disappear after 24 hours.

You can look at Instagram Stories like the Blog of a website. The Feed is your homepage which has to make a stunning first impression in order to make people stay on your page, and after that they can dive into your blog (aka Stories) in order to get to know you a bit more up personal.

But how can you implement that into your business? Let me share with you a few different ways how you can do that. 

But how can you implement that into your business? Let me share with you a few different ways how you can do that. And also make sure to read until the end because there is a little gift waiting for you.

behind the scenes

By giving people some insights behind the work you do they will feel more connected to you and your business. Show them your typical workday, let an employee do a Story takeover, give a sneak peek on something you’re currently working on. Whatever you can think of that gives people the feeling of taking a look behind the scenes of your business.

Personal insights

People love personal content! It is the most trust building content which also allows us to create connections. Share some bits and pieces of your everyday life. Your morning routine, your thoughts, a fun fact, your weekend trip. Give people the chance to get to know the face behind your brand.

Educational Stories

Think of topics you can educate your audience on. What are you specialised in? Share a few tips & tricks or some interesting facts that is interesting to your ideal client. By sharing your knowledge, you can show off your expertise which allows you to position yourself as a leader in your area.


Storytelling is a method of conveying information and emotions through the use of stories. Good stories inspire, captivate and carry you away. This could be about how you have changed your own life with the solution you now offer your customers. Or a simple story of something that has happened to you today. Storytelling is the key to great marketing.

Inspirational Content

Something else you can share are quotes. Or give a little 1-minute pep talk to your audience. Share some encouraging words. Think about what your ideal client needs to hear today and inspire or give them a new perspective to look at things.


Client transformations are what makes others say, “I want what she has”. Show your audience what great results your clients have achieved and let them know that they can achieve the same. Share client feedbacks in form of a written or video testimonial where they talk about how you have helped them transform their life.


That’s the one topic most people want to avoid talking about. But how should people know what they can buy from you if you don’t tell them? Of course, I do not want you to confront your audience with your offer every day! But from time to time it is more than appropriate to talk about how people can exactly work with you. That doesn’t have to happen in a salesy way either. Just talk about the amazing service you offer and how working with you would change their lives. Do it in a confident, light-hearted way and come from a place of service.

And if you are afraid of showing up on Stories, let me tell you: People will love it! There is no reason to be afraid. It may feel a bit weird for you at first but over time you will get used to it. I myself was so scared of it and used to say, “I will never talk on Stories”. And now here I am, loving Stories.

The most important part is to just start. Don’t overthink it and take messy action. No one expects you to do things perfectly and we connect over authenticity!

To make things a bit easier for you I created a 30-day IG Story content calendar for you. Every day you get a topic to talk/show on your Stories and I also explain:

  • Why Stories are so important
  • How to use them
  • How they affect the algorithm
  • And some more tips & tricks

Get your free guide here.